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Project Description


As if time has stood still: onlookers in Alt-Bogenhausen are offered an impressive view. Consider all those who have already lived here and enjoyed the unique character of this exclusive quarter: Franz von Stuck, Erich Kästner, Thomas Mann, Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen, Rudolf Diesel, Maria Schell – and the list goes on. Through the years, Alt-Bogenhausen has remained something special, its intrinsic value always palpable – this has not changed one bit! In form and colour, LAMONT is perfectly adapted to its surroundings, with harmonious historical details, constructed of the highest quality materials and with the most modern building techniques. Completely new rooms were created to meet the requirements of modern living with no compromises. Muntin windows and bossage on the ground floor provide a ‘good-old-days’ feeling, while exterior glazed elevators on all floors at the rear of the house achieve the optical balancing act into modernity.


Lamontstraße no. 10-22 in Munich, Alt-Bogenhausen

Street row consisting of seven attached houses

72 flats and one commercial unit

Total living area: approx. 5,500 m2